Indian stock market Beyond the limits.


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The more money you could make is only on stock market.
You could earn lacks to crores of ruppes by investing for longterm and doing daily trading.
But to do trading or investing you should have to select a broker but you should have to choose a best and low brokerage firm and full customer support.
Samco is one of the fabulous discount broker in india.
The lowest brokerage trade for 1000 or crores maximum brokerage is 20rs.
Awesome customer support, for your any queries just reply in a second , contact them though phone or mail and Whatsapp.
Trade through their mobile app, computer software and you could trade on phone also.
Free account opening , while other broking firms charge account opening fees but here open a free account.
Everybody should have to  invest in the stock market because even your small 100 to 500rs could earn crores of rupees for longterm and even you could make 10000 in just 100rs monthly.
I am stock market analyst very experienced for any long term suggestion or day trading guide.
You could contact me I will guide u freely. Feel free to talk to me contact me on whatspap, telegram, hike : 8123946125